Millennium Post

Austerity and reforms

3 March 2021 4:52 PM GMT
Government spending must be balanced with reform-backed optimal utilization of limited resources

Abridged for good

11 Feb 2021 5:23 PM GMT
Constitutional restrictions on freedom of expression need to be translated into strict laws to avoid misuse and public disorder

Redefining democracy

22 Jan 2021 5:03 PM GMT
Principles of equality, fraternity and dignity are the pillars of democratic societies

Hand in hand

8 Jan 2021 5:14 PM GMT
India must follow an agenda of balanced growth and infrastructure as a means of achieving sustainable development for the entirety of its population

Impasse must pass

13 Dec 2020 4:58 PM GMT
Initial hiccups aside, there is both a need and an opportunity for the Government to reach a middle ground with farmers and involve them in the process of agrarian reform

Creating opportunities

22 Nov 2020 3:16 PM GMT
Strengthening the concept of legal empowerment in India will serve to alleviate poverty

Winner takes all

27 Oct 2020 4:41 PM GMT
Despite innumerable controversies surrounding it over the years, the US system of electoral colleges ensures that democracy is not reduced to a simple game of numbers

Providing a roof

13 Oct 2020 5:10 PM GMT
A major development issue in modern nations, availability of affordable and safe housing for all must be taken up by the Indian Government as a prime policy concern

A selective ageism?

18 Sep 2020 3:55 PM GMT
The continuing use of an age-based retirement system for public servants is an inefficient practice that holds more visible flaws as opposed to any provable merits

Anarchy in Indian cinema

27 Aug 2020 3:27 PM GMT
Recent public mishaps and revelations regarding the Indian film industry point towards an urgent need to bring transparency and regulation to the wayward industry

Miles to go

6 Aug 2020 3:32 PM GMT
NEP 2020 is a glorious vision for the future of the nation but requires comprehensive efforts to include the states to ensure that it has the intended impact

Saving the rule of law

16 July 2020 6:14 PM GMT
In a society that glorifies lawlessness and protects the rulebreakers, the rule of law is left toothless and vulnerable in doing its job
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