Millennium Post

Asset or liability?

23 Jun 2022 2:45 PM GMT
Unfortunately, civilian possession of firearms — legal and illegal — has been claiming countless lives globally and impinging upon human rights...

A cause of panic?

27 May 2022 2:36 PM GMT
High inflation rates are worrying but, with right measures in place, not just risks can be averted but also gains can be made and consolidated

Walking the tightrope

9 May 2022 2:42 PM GMT
India has a ‘partial’ privatisation framework requiring a balance between demands of a fast-growing economy and the socialistic goals envisaged in...

A 'mix' state of affairs

15 April 2022 2:27 PM GMT
Preventive measures need to be taken to curb food adulteration — exacerbated by poor socio-economic conditions, demand-supply gap and lacking public...

Nagging displacement

24 March 2022 2:36 PM GMT
International organisations require restructuring to provide a stable solution to global refugee crisis that has been exacerbated by the...

Spare the civilians

4 March 2022 2:11 PM GMT
While conflicts between nations may be inevitable, deliberate violation of human rights against civilians is not just avoidable but also criminal

The hard way

14 Feb 2022 1:58 PM GMT
Rather than finding an easy escape in debt markets for funding growth, the government should adopt a long-term perspective towards fiscal management

Persistent failure

25 Jan 2022 1:03 PM GMT
Proposed amendments to IAS Cadre rules are outcomes of decades of mismanagement by Central and state governments, and can worsen Centre-state...

No time to lose

11 Jan 2022 2:12 PM GMT
Reckless human activities have caused irreparable damages to the planet but a lot can still be saved through collective actions of governments and...

Time for sobriety

14 Dec 2021 3:00 PM GMT
A balance between securing revenue gains from alcohol and preventing socio-economic fallouts of the same can be attained through an improvised...

Financing the marginalised

22 Nov 2021 1:45 PM GMT
In absence of uniform regulatory mechanism and subsidised credit, the entrepreneurial potential of low-income groups remains uncapitalised, increasing ...

Lost in the shuffle

2 Nov 2021 1:53 PM GMT
The ailing old-age care in India is worsened by socio-economic and gender gaps — it requires comprehensive vision and affirmative action for...
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