Millennium Post


22 Dec 2020 5:55 PM GMT
As India and China watch closely, ideological differences in the ruling CPN party push Nepal further into a political crisis — one that may favour the...

Long road ahead

20 Oct 2020 4:48 PM GMT
Effective disengagement in Ladakh is only possible if India manages to build sufficient political, economic and diplomatic pressure on the Chinese...


24 March 2020 7:19 PM GMT
Way back in the 14th century when medical science was in its infancy, plague broke out in Europe on a massive scale. The pandemic lasted for five...

Vigil at high seas

11 March 2020 4:30 PM GMT
India must redouble its efforts to assert dominance in the Indian Ocean region to protect strategic interests from Chinese encroachments

Made in USA, used in India

26 Feb 2020 3:05 PM GMT
Persuading cash-strapped and recession-hit India into signing multiple defence contracts is a business victory for the US President

Desperate measures

13 Feb 2020 4:32 PM GMT
BJP’s latest ‘Bodo Accord’ may not net them the expected political gains in Assam

Dawn of a new era

5 Feb 2020 2:53 PM GMT
Upcoming state visit of the Sri Lankan PM will allow India to re-establish the previously China-aligned nation as an ally in the Indian Ocean region

Boiling North-East

10 Dec 2019 4:42 PM GMT
A volatile North-East protests in distress as Lok Sabha passes the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill at midnight in yet another brute majority

Diplomatic strides

2 Dec 2019 4:30 PM GMT
Gotabaya’s New Delhi visit provides impetus to fresh Indian overtures to Sri Lanka despite the latter’s cordial relations with China

Anomaly in jurisprudence

13 Nov 2019 3:15 PM GMT
The Apex Court’s recognition of a mythological person as a real historical personage and subsequent primacy given to faith over evidence open’s a...

Gearing up for space war

30 July 2019 4:48 PM GMT
Though behind China, India’s entry into space is significant in developing a defensive capacity to neutralise any attacks from outer space
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