Everything in films has changed and for the worse, says Naseeruddin Shah

24 Jan 2023 4:31 PM GMT
Ratna Pathak Shah said the comedy and humour in Indian pop culture today are totally off track. The actor was speaking at Jashn-e-Rekhta 2022, with...

Bollywood Has Finally Started Giving Importance To Script Writers, Says Ratna Pathak Shah

2 Jan 2023 4:19 PM GMT
Veteran actor Ratna Pathak Shah recently opened up about what Bollywood is doing wrong. According to her, the industry mainly lacks good scripts and...

'RRR' Looks Backward When We Should Look Forward: Ratna Pathak Shah

19 Dec 2022 4:14 PM GMT
Ratna Pathak Shah called the year's biggest blockbuster, 'RRR' a 'regressive film'. She said that until filmmakers see their work critically, the...
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