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Versatile musical genius - Kamal Dasgupta

7 March 2020 2:41 PM GMT
With a career of about fourteen years, Dasgupta have approximately 8,000 songs under his belt including 80 Bengali movies – his unique contribution...

The musical mogul: G A Chishti

29 Feb 2020 2:50 PM GMT
A celebrity of sub-continental cinema whose name stands out with distinction among two generations of composers for the lilt and cadence of his...

Revered Maestro Rasheed Attre

22 Feb 2020 2:45 PM GMT
A man of varied musical talents and dispositions, Rasheed Attre sang, performed and composed his way through 25 years of film music to reach cultural...

Lost in oblivion Nashad

15 Feb 2020 2:30 PM GMT
Often confused with the maestro Naushad Ali, Nashad nevertheless made a name for himself in the industry, being involved in 29 films over 16 years...

Musical dexterity Ustad Jhande Khan

8 Feb 2020 1:16 PM GMT
Almost lost to the obscurity of the early film music industry, the legacy of Ustad Jhande Khan lives on, in memories of his contemporaries and those...

Beyond boundaries Rafiq Ghaznavi

1 Feb 2020 1:44 PM GMT
Dominant in the early days of the ‘Talkies’ in the Indian film industry, Ghaznavi was a performer without equal, juggling careers as an actor, singer...

An illustrious music composer Khurshid Anwar

25 Jan 2020 12:59 PM GMT
A musical stalwart surrounded by traditional scions of musical lineage, Khawaja gained tremendous popularity both in India and Pakistan, gaining...

A musician of eminence -Pandit Amarnath

18 Jan 2020 4:17 PM GMT
An early pioneer of the fledging film music industry, Pandit Amarnath was a master musician belonging to the Punjab School of music, who, through ups...

Maestro in the classical music arena - Pt Ajoy Chakrabarty

11 Jan 2020 2:11 PM GMT
Shyam Banerji in Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty: Seeker of the Music Within details an in-depth account of the life and work of one of most eminent classical...
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