Bridging the continents

12 Sep 2023 12:59 PM GMT
An ambitious rail and shipping corridor linking India with the Middle East and Europe, envisaged during G20 deliberations, can be an alternative to...

Irreversible damage?

27 July 2023 11:43 AM GMT
Enacted as an amendment to Israel’s Basic Laws, the new legislation curbing oversight powers of the country’s judiciary will be hard to reverse

Challenging battle ahead

11 May 2023 5:54 PM GMT
As Türkiye goes to polls, Erdogan will face stiff competition from a united opposition due to his ‘economic mismanagement’ and ‘tardy response’ to the...

At Beijing’s brokering

14 March 2023 12:23 PM GMT
China-mediated deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia marks an improvement in China’s diplomatic hold in the Middle East while US’ influence is waning

Relapsing into anarchy?

16 Feb 2023 12:29 PM GMT
Israeli government’s proposed plan to overhaul the country’s judiciary could curtail the institution’s independence and create a wedge in society

Stability with caveats

7 Nov 2022 1:36 PM GMT
Netanyahu’s comeback with support of anti-Arab forces will ensure political stability in Israel but leave the country in splits on values of democracy...

Boiling point

10 Oct 2022 1:11 PM GMT
The valiant protest by Iranian women may not topple the dictatorial regime or reverse regressive policies, but has tremendously unsettled the top...

No time to wait

22 Sep 2022 4:09 PM GMT
Before the Rohingya crisis becomes a regional threat, international community must wake up to the fact that the refugees need to be repatriated soon

Dreadful deadlock

4 July 2022 12:32 PM GMT
Thanks to the split in public opinion over Netanyahu and the diverse array of political parties Israel has, prospects of a stable government remain...

Fall from grace?

13 Jun 2022 2:43 PM GMT
The avoidable diplomatic turmoil over Prophet remark has maligned India's standing as a secular democracy but won't impact its trade relations with...

An alarming impasse

20 May 2022 2:36 PM GMT
Lebanon — facing the ‘world’s worst’ economic crisis — badly needs a consensus over government formation amid fragmented election results to acquire a...

Coming closer

21 March 2022 1:29 PM GMT
Bashar al Assad’s visit to UAE signals normalisation of Syria-Arab ties, and can facilitate post-war reconstruction of the economy reeling under...
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