A blitz on the boots

25 March 2023 4:14 PM GMT
As the Champions League comes to its business end with diversely experienced teams — from underdogs to defending champions — making their way to the...

Hope amid the gloom

18 Feb 2023 4:22 PM GMT
Amid the all-pervasive gloom and doom in Türkiye and Syria, the human spirit of fighting back against all odds prevailed in countless instances —...

The diary of a Ronaldo fan

19 Dec 2022 1:30 PM GMT
I had been a Cristiano Ronaldo fan throughout the 16 years Messi and CR7 played alongside across clubs and countries. Ronaldo is great, but the kid...

Moroccan Mayhem

11 Dec 2022 12:22 PM GMT
No matter what happens in the semi-final against France, Morocco has won hearts across the globe with their prodigious display of football throughout...

Ray of hope

3 Sep 2022 5:08 AM GMT
Supreme Court’s recent verdict overturns the injustices inflicted on BLA industries, and presents a new hope for the mining industry in general

Foray through the gloom

4 Jun 2022 7:05 PM GMT
Drawing from his vivid experiences, Rehan Raza in his book — An Odyssey Through the Dark — has spun a delicately gripping fictional tale depicting how...

The juggernaut keeps rolling

28 May 2022 7:17 PM GMT
After a thrilling final day of football, Manchester City won the 2021/22 Premier League title — their fourth in five years

A 'special' resurgence

28 May 2022 7:13 PM GMT
Dinesh Karthik's India call-up is no short of a story of a cult hero who at the age of 37 has made a comeback against all odds — from the commentary...

A reckoning force

6 Feb 2022 3:03 PM GMT
India’s victory over England to clinch the ICC Under-19 World Cup for a record fifth time bears testimony to the structural efficiency that we have...

Short memories

7 Oct 2021 2:22 PM GMT
Every high-profile drug abuse case – like that of Aryan’s – stirs heated debate around celebrity culture, but falls way short of spelling out...

Crisis of our age

4 Oct 2021 6:31 PM GMT
If climate change aberrations have emerged as a structural problem, the solution too has to come through better planning

Marc Marquez passes Thursday medical check

15 April 2021 12:15 PM GMT
The eight-time World Champion is officially confirmed for this weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix
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