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Zambia @51 Message from Acting High Commissioner Sikapale Henry Chinzewe

 Agencies |  2015-11-08 20:02:42.0  |  New Delhi

Zambia @51 Message from Acting High Commissioner Sikapale Henry Chinzewe

Zambia celebrates its 51st Independence anniversary under a very appropriate theme, ‘Laying the foundation of a SMART Zambia through forgiveness, repentance, compassion and love in God’.  The theme captures the dream of every Zambia and the recognition of God as the LORD for this beautiful country. Making Zambia a smart country entails every citizen to work tirelessly and beyond the call of duty and also love his neighbour as himself. This is the only way that we will be able to realise the dream of ‘One Zambia, One Nation’. 

The Government of Zambia launched the Revised Sixth National Development Plan (R-SNDP) 2013-2016. The plan reflects the Government’s determination to improve the economic conditions of its citizens with the ultimate goal of turning Zambia into a prosperous middle-income country by 2030 as envisaged in the Vision 2030 Plan. This is a departure from the previous practice of preparing and implementing medium term plans that were not based on a national vision. I have no doubt that the Plan will lead to the attainment of the desirable social economic indicators by the year 2030. The second half of the century will see Zambians living in a strong and dynamic middle-income industrial nation providing opportunities for improving the well being of every citizen and espousing values of socio-economic justice, underpinned by the principles of gender responsive sustainable development; democracy; respect for human rights; good traditional and family values; positive attitude towards work; peaceful co-existence and finally private-public partnerships. 

This calls for concerted effort from everyone to turn this noble dream into reality and I know that 
every Zambian will rise to this challenge with renewed vigour. I wish every Zambian a happy 51st Independence anniversary and may God richly bless us all.

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