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Youth’s body found in NIT Durgapur

Mystery shrouds the death of a 19-year-old student of Durgapur NIT, whose body with injury marks was found inside the campus on Friday morning.

Police said that the victim, Amit Kumar was a resident of Uttar Pradesh and he was a second year student of the computer science department.

On Friday morning some students found his body lying near hostel number 11. They informed the institute authorities. Police reached the spot and sent the body for an autopsy.

Hardly anyone goes to the place where the body was found. Thus the police are trying to know whether he went to the place of his own or if someone else had asked him to go there for any reason.

A police officer said after preliminary investigation that there was a cut on the nerves of his left hand and there were blood stains on his neck as well.

Police are yet to ascertain whether it is a case of suicide or homicide.

The officer said that if it would have been a case on homicide, then there had to be a tussle between him and the accused. But there was no such injury marks on his body which suggest that he had tried to resist someone from trying to kill him.

The police are, however, waiting for the post-mortem report to ascertain whether anybody had given him spiked food and cut his nerves when he fell unconscious to prove it a case of suicide.

Police spoke to some of his friends and came to know that he was good in studies. He used to speak less, but it doesn’t means that he didn’t used to get mixed with other students, a police officer came to know from his friends.

Police were waiting for his parents to reach as they may say whether he was disturbed or depressed for any reason.
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