Youth’s body found in a pond at Ganeshpur

Tension ran high at Ganeshpur village near Shyampur in Howrah when a 20-year-old youth’s body was recovered from a pond on Friday morning. The youth was murdered and dumped in the pond.

Police said the victim Sujan Mal was a resident of Ganeshpur Village. He used to work in a jewellery workshop in Rajasthan earlier and returned to his village leaving the job one and a half years ago. A few months ago he got into an affair with a girl from the adjacent village. But the girl’s father was against the affair and didn’t allow her to come out of their house for about a month. Her mobile phone was also snatched.

A few days ago, the girl’s parents had sent her to her maternal uncle’s house in a nearby village. On Thursday night the girl went to a fair along with her grandfather and grandmother. Somehow, the victim came to know that the girl was in the fair and he went to meet her.

After seeing the youth moving around, the girl’s grandfather passed the information to her father and asked them to come to the fair as early as possible.

The girl’s father and two uncles went to the fair. They told the youth that they want to discuss the matter with him. Some villagers had seen the girl’s father taking the youth out of the fair.

The victim was last seen in the fair and on Friday morning his body with injury marks was found in the pond.

The victim’s family members alleged that the girl’s father took him to a deserted place and beat him up mercilessly. They continued beating him till he had died and later dumped the body in the pond.

His family members contacted all his friends but no one managed to give any clue about his whereabouts. On Friday morning a villager saw the body and informed the police.
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