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Youth raise allegations against rival group for raping woman

In an unprecedented incident, a group of youth had raised allegations against members of their rival group of raping a mentally challenged deaf and dumb woman just to get over a parking lot. The incident took place at Chitpur on Thursday morning.

The incident had sent the police to a tizzy. The police took the woman to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital. After examining her, doctors gave a report to the police stating that “She had not gone through sexual assault”.

On Thursday morning some local people found the woman lying inside a crane and informed the police. After receiving the news, members of a group reached the spot and they started raising allegation that the woman was being gang-raped.

Rumour were spread that members of their rival group were involved in the incident. Local people had initially started believing the allegation. But the actual matter came to light following the medical tests of the woman in RG Kar Medical College and Hospital where doctors didn’t find any prove of torture on her.

Later, police initiated a probe and preliminary investigation revealed that there was a fight between both the groups to get control over a parking lot in the area.

“Whoever runs the parking lot makes good money. Thus it was the target of the youth, who had spread the rumour, to gain control on the parking lot once members of their rival groups get arrested in connection with the wrong allegation of raping the woman,” said a police officer.

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