Young voters may prove decisive in upcoming elections

Young voters may prove decisive in upcoming elections
Around 20 lakh teenagers who will exercise their democratic franchise for the first time this year may play a crucial role in the forthcoming Assembly poll.

The Election Commission (EC) had taken a number of initiatives to spread awareness along the length and breadth of the state so that more number of young voters can participate in election process.

There are around 29 lakh new voters in West Bengal, aged between 18-19 among which 20 lakh have been enrolled. The EC had launched various initiatives to educate young voters about the importance of participating in the election. The youngest voters who share over 3 per cent of the total population in the state can be a decisive factor with the different political parties chalking out various plans to win them over with various promises.

Senior leaders from all the political parties are making their plans on how to organise their campaigns so that more young voters are attracted and cast their votes in their favour. The political parties were working on the strategy of their election battle. The ruling Trinamool Congress leaders were mostly depending on the developments that have taken place throughout the states in last four and half years, while its arch rival CPI(M) and other Opposition parties were trying to convince the voters with various promises.

As social media immerging as one of the most vibrant medium of communication, the political leaders were trying to reach out to the younger generations through various social media. As most of the younger generation prefer to be hooked on their various electronic gadgets, social media plays an important role in moulding the young minds.

The ruling Trinamool Congress is trying to make the young voters aware of how the education sector had got a boost during the tenure of the present government. Various colleges and educational institutions have come up and medical seats in the state were also increased. Various secondary level schools were elevated to the Higher Secondary schools. The Election Commission has instructed the election officials to create a conducive atmosphere so that that people can cast their vote freely. It may be mentioned that the commission had taken up an elaborate scheme to ensure that more number of people can take part in the democratic process.
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