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Young and healthy

Drink water- Drinking 3 to 4 liters of water will eliminate toxins from the body and it is great way to hydrate skin cells throughout the day. As the popular sanskrit saying goes- BhojanantevishamVari- It means drinking water immediately after food is poison. Drink water after a gap of 30- 45 minutes after a meal and avoid drinking cold water as it does not help. Water moisturizes the skin and keeps it radiant.

Eat Slowly –If you eat fast then you are most likely to eat more than body needs. It is experienced that the habit of eating slow will restrict your consumption and help in staying thin. Whenever you eat, chew the food to convert into paste and swallow, the paste will get absorbed well in the body and get digested much faster. Indigestion of food will lead to diseases that can accelerate aging.

Sleep properly – Usually 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep will provide the energy you need and you will feel younger.  By adopting the corpse posture one can relax the muscles and prepare the body for sleep. In this posture lie down straight on your back, take deep and slow breath, at the same time squeeze your toes and release thereafter. With next breath squeeze  your knees tightly, then your thigh, hips,belly,chest ,arms, shoulders, neck and so on until you reach all the way up to your head squeezing and releasing the muscle one by one. Pressing the thumb gently on the indent between the eye brows also helps in sleeping.

Meditate – Meditation stabilizes the thoughts and eliminate stress.  When we are stress free the oxygen intake increases as our breath becomes even and deep. In turn it optimises the functioning of respiratory system and the digestive system leading to improved process of elimination.

Stay positive–Being in positive frame of mind provides never ending flow of energy, which will motivate you to do youthful things. By thinking positive, you will feel and act young.

Eat healthy– You are what you eat. Whatever we eat affects all the cells of our body and hence our energy level, sleeping pattern and mood. If we eat junk food it will reflect on our body. Our meal should be nutritious and rich in vitamins. Make sure not to add daily calories more than what is required by body.  

Exercise–Daily exercise improves elasticity of bones, circulation of blood in the body and functioning of glands, it also strengths muscles. By regular exercise you can feel much younger than your actual age.
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