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Yamuna E-way: Pile-up leaves 8 injured

Even three days after Diwali, Delhi-NCR and nearby regions are enveloped with dense smog, further deteriorating visibility. This led to more than a dozen vehicles to ram into each other on Thursday morning, leaving eight people injured while one lady is critical; although no deaths have been reported yet. The injured were rushed to hospitals, said police officials. Dense smog on Yamuna Expressway became the reason for the massive car pile-up on Thursday morning near Mathura. 

The exact location spotted is milestone 83 from Greater Noida which comes under Sureer police station. “More than a dozen cars and a UPSRTC bus collided out of which four cars were majorly damaged. 

Nearly eight people were injured, who were taken to government hospitals out of which three were declared serious and were referred to a hospital in Agra. A lady is critical in this incident” said G P Singh, SHO, Sureer police station.

A thick brown film of air has engulfed Northern India regions over the past few days with pollution levels breaching safety marks. Smoke from firecrackers burst on Diwali has polluted the air and reduced visibility to near zero on stretches of the highway causing worst driving conditions.  

The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board said hazy conditions were due to air pollution. “There is a considerable rise in pollution due to bursting of crackers. The particulate matter range recorded after Diwali was 827 micro gm/cm3 which has now reduced to 400 micro gm/cm3 which is still a matter of concern. 

We are expecting it to come down to normal levels within a few days. Dust particles are also a major reason for air pollution,” said B B Awasthi, regional officer, Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Noida.
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