Writing has always been my passion: Kapil sibal

Writing has always been my passion: Kapil sibal
Other than being a politician, Kapil Sibal, is also a passionate writer and a poet. He has recently written the lyrics for a song ‘Tere Bina’, for an upcoming film Shorgul, voiced by Arijit Singh. When Millennium Post approached him to gather knowledge of his experience in debuting into Bollywood, a happy Kapil Sibal opened up his mind and spoke about his journey.

Please enlighten us on the storyline of Shorgul and your song in it.

 Shorgul is a political drama that brings out real life relatable issues with a contemporary twist. The script is gripping and it throws light on various subjects of today. It highlights the misuse of religion and brushes upon various stereotypical ideologies that are detrimental to our society and nation. Overall, it has a strong message and anyone who sees this film is definitely going to get up and think and question and take a stand. 

With such a wonderous Political Drama I immediately connected with the subject and decided to write lyrics for it. I’m sure is going to create a lot of conversation upon releasing.‘Tere Bina’- These two words say it all. It’ s a magical romantic song, that envelopes a mix bag of feelings – love, separation,belongingness, hope, craving for the loved one. 

Once I met Niladri Kumar and we go to work on the track, from inception to the final product, it took at least a month or more. I really wanted the lyrics to do justice to the emotion of the character, and only add to the wonderful melody composed by Niladri. When I heard his instrumental ‘Tere Bina’ it stirred such emotion that with words I only wanted it to fair better.  I was constantly in touch with Samira(CEO 24FPS and Creative Head) and together she kept pushing my potential, till we thought that we found the best fit.

What led you to venture into Bollywood as a film lyricist?

I have always been writing poetry, and my works have been published in two books. However, cinema remains the widest platform of expression and reach. I had the opportunity to decide to write lyrics for Bollywood, when I was in conversation with various people from the industry. It’s been an interesting journey. Although ‘Tere Bina’ from Shorgul is always going to be a memorable experience for me.

What are your favourite genres of films?

I enjoy watching any film that has a gripping story line, fine acting and is along the line of strong human emotion. I enjoy some of the old Hindi movies quite a lot.

Which was the last movie that you enjoyed watching a lot?

It’s been a while since I saw a film. After Shorgul’s release on June 24, is when you should ask me this question. (smiles)

Who are you favourite movie directors in India?

India has a talented lot of filmmakers and I enjoy their work. Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra, Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap, Raju Hirani they’re all great and make super films.

Please tell us about your inspiration behind writing

Writing has always been my passion. I find it the strongest medium to express what I feel and experience in a simple manner. When I have a fleeting thought or a memory, writing becomes a mechanism for me to encapsulate it and allow it to be shared with anybody who can connect with it.
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