Wrap it up this Christmas

Wrap it up this Christmas
Christmas is on the way! The festival of joy and peace commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and is one the most celebrated festival across the world.

X-mas or Christmas Day is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm on December 25 to mark the beginning of ‘Christmastide’ which lasts till the new  year’s eve. Celebration starts days before the merry day with homes lighting up in beautiful decorative pieces, churches being decorated with lights and colourful stars, and people preparing delicacies for the auspicious occasion. Christmas trees, also known as Yule trees, are adorned with beautiful bells, wrapped gifts, fairy-lights, ribbons, sparkling stars, balloons, candies, tiny teddies during Christmas. A huge star or angel is also often placed at the top of the tree.

For adults it is the best time to go on a long relaxing vacation but for kids, this is the most exciting time of the year. As per fables, on Christmas night Santa Claus comes down from the chimney, eats cookies and milk, and leaves behind gifts for children who have been good the whole year. Much like Diwali, exchanging gifts among adults is a popular custom during Christmas as well. Much like the way turkey, fruit cakes, roasted potatoes and fudges remind us of Christmas, surprise gifts lighten up the spirit. So gear up this week and choose the best gift for your loved ones! Here’s a suggestion from Millennium Post. 

Book-scented candles and perfumes: This one is for the book lovers out there. If you know one, then go on and buy these paper-scented items for them; because embracing e-books doesn’t mean we have to let go of the most precious smell in the world – the book smell. The sweet, earthy smell of old books will surely make anyone’s day – especially a book lover’s. Perfumes, candles and sprays cannot replace the good ol’ books but what they can do is, invite the smell of books just anywhere you want. You can purchase one from online e-commerce websites like – Amazon, etsy or eBay at a very nominal price.

For the love of Gardens: Cute little smiling toadstool and fairy moulds will keep you connected to earth. These terracotta pots and sculptures by Earthly Creations will beautify any home – from merely green lawns and bushes with round pots to an artistic garden with coloured bird and animal shaped pots, hangings and danglers. Give the plants their own beautiful place to live and grow.

Self-less love: Winters are harsh for the skin and body. A little warmth can do wonders – be it either by the people you love or even a moisturiser! Tell your family and friends how much you care for them by gifting them The Body Shop’s endless products – shower cream, body butter, body polish, mist available in plentiful fragrances of strawberry, shea, moringa, rose and argan, to name just a few.

Luxurious Candles: People who absolutely love to decorate their homes with light aromatic candles- this one is for them. Krixot – a name synonymous with luxurious scented candles is the perfect fit for a beautiful Christmas present. The fragrance used in the candles is especially imported from France and Italy. These candles give off a unique and exotic fragrance that adds a dash of luxury to your home.   

Tempting Chocolates: What’s better than chocolates on Christmas? The premium gourmet Indian chocolate brand – Choko La – has come up with delicious Christmas hampers. Packed in colourful boxes and fancy tins, these indulgent hampers are filled with delectable delights comprising of gourmet chocolates and cookies such as Bonbons, Truffles, Rochers, Fudge, Choco Chip and  Coconut cookies and are deliciously perfect to gift much drooling kids and even adults! 

Illuminating Homes: Brighten up this Christmas with beautiful decorative lights by Ivanka Lumiere. Christmas is all about decorating homes with colours. These aesthetic lights will give an exquisite look to any room they are installed in. 

The strikingly gorgeous designs will spread happiness and light through your home.


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