World’s worst video game to be auctioned

Hundreds of copies of a video game described as the ‘world’s worst’ are now being auctioned after they were unearthed from a landfill site in the US.The vintage video-game called ‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial’, based on a hit movie and released in 1982, was said to be so bad that Atari games buried a million unsold copies at a New Mexico rubbish dump.As many as 1,300 copies of the video game were uncovered in a major dig in April this year, proving that the story was true, and not just an urban myth, ‘Sky News’ reported.

Now more than half of the vintage video game haul is to be auctioned.According to the dig site supervisor, Joe Lewandowski, the excavation was like seeing a ‘phoenix rising from the desert’.‘It was like the end, and a new beginning for the video game industry when we found the games,’ he said.



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