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World’s venomous snake bites Aussie teenager

An Australian boy was rushed to a hospital after being stung by the world’s most poisonous snake and that too far from its lair.

The teenager walked into the hospital in the small southern Australian town of Kurri Kurri, north of Sydney, complaining of being bitten on his left hand.

The 17-year-old boy, who was not identified, was escorted by a friend who carried the venomous reptile in a plastic tub, the Australian reported.

The first sight of the snake sent the hospital staff scurrying as they called in the snake charmer.

A look at the snake and the veteran catcher Barry Martin branded it ‘inland taipan’ – a snake, a drop of whose venom is enough to kill 100 people.

‘I knew what it was straight off,’ Martin said.

‘There’s two kinds, the inland taipan and you have your coastal taipan,’ he said.

The inland taipan typically lives in Australia’s arid deserts and is not normally seen close to the coast.

The youth is reported to be in critical but stable condition after being moved to a bigger hospital and detectives who were called in are waiting for him to regain consciousness so that they can question him on where he found the snake.

Martin estimated that the 70 cm long female snake was about two years old and could grow to two metres at maturity.

‘Not many people come across them in the wild,’ he said.


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