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Women's group in Manila burns US flag with Trump's face

A large crowd of protesters of a Left-wing feminist group marched in this Philippine capital city on Wednesday on the occasion of the International Women's Day and burnt the US flag with President Donald Trump's face printed on it.

About 200 people, mostly women, gathered here and headed for the US Embassy in a march organised by the Gabriela group, Efe news reported.

Some carried a wide American flag, supported by poles, on which US President Donald Trump's face was printed along with the phrase "Liberalisation, deregulation, privatization". They later burned the flag.

Their targeting of the US Embassy was motivated by opposition to Trump's controversial policies on immigration, which some of the protesters said affects Filipino women and mothers living in the US, and also makes it harder for people to visit family in that country.

Many protesters carried signs and placards with messages denouncing neo-liberalism and imperialism which included "#WomenStrike".

A few marchers wore purple face masks, symbolising civilians killed in Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's ongoing campaign against drug users and dealers.

The Gabriela protest was one of several rallies planned on Wednesday in support of women's day, with the day's public gatherings culminating in a large march on the Malacanang Palace, the official residence of Duterte.
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