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WADA hands Bangkok lab six-month suspension

Montreal: The National Doping Control Centre in Bangkok has been suspended for up to six months for failing to conform to the International Standard for Laboratories, the World Anti-Doping Agency announced.

WADA said in a statement on Wednesday that the unspecified "non-conformities" had been identified during a site visit and subsequent follow-up of the laboratory's routine activities.

Under the suspension, which took effect on Monday, the lab is barred from carrying out any anti-doping analyses of urine and blood samples.

While the facility is suspended, relevant samples must be securely transported to another WADA-accredited laboratory for analysis.

The lab may appeal the suspension to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and it may apply to WADA for reinstatement before the suspension expires once it has addressed the problems identified by the anti-doping body.

If WADA officials aren't satisfied that the issues have been resolved they can extend the suspension a further six months.

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