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US Congressional committee asks Khalilzad to testify on Afghanistan

US Congressional committee asks Khalilzad to testify on Afghanistan

Washington: A top Congressional committee on Thursday asked Special US Representative on Afghan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, to testify before it on the peace deal with the Taliban, a draft agreement of which is currently in circulation among various stakeholders.

In a letter to Khalilzad, which was later released to the press, Congressman Eliot Engel, who is Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs, called on the State Department to stop stonewalling and to send the special representative to testify later this month.

"I am calling this hearing so that Congress and the American people will have the long-overdue opportunity to understand the contours of your negotiations with the Taliban and the potential risks and opportunities that may result," Engel said in his letter. Engel claimed that Khalilzad had not responded to his previous two requests in this regard.

"I understand your team has established a framework agreement with the Taliban, and that a copy of this agreement has been disseminated among officials in the Trump Administration and shared with President Ghani's government, he said.

Similarly, the American and Afghan people deserve to know what the Administration's diplomatic strategy is for Afghanistan. Your testimony will help inform Members and provide necessary transparency regarding the Administration's Afghanistan strategy, wrote Engel.

After nearly two decades of war, we all want to see the fighting in Afghanistan come to an end. But we want to make sure we are negotiating a peace and not simply a withdrawal, he said.

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