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United Airlines in a spot again after scorpion falls on passenger's head

United Airlines in a spot again after scorpion falls on passengers head
United Airlines found itself on the defensive again on Friday after a passenger complained that a scorpion stung him during a flight from Texas, capping off a bruising week for the public image of one of the world's largest carriers. A man on board a United flight from Houston to Calgary, Alberta on Sunday, said a scorpion dropped on his head from an overhead storage bin and stung him under his fingernail, according the United and media reports.

"We were on the plane about an hour, having dinner, and then something fell on my head, so I grabbed it," passenger Richard Bell said. Mr Bell said another passenger who was Mexican told him, "'Hey, that's a scorpion, they're dangerous,' ... That's when it stung." Meanwhile, United Airlines said on Friday it is changing its policy on booking its own flight crews onto its planes after a man was dragged off an overbooked flight to make way for a United employee. The airline said it would make sure crews traveling on their aircraft are booked into seats at least 60 minutes before departure.


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