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To 'protect' bag, China woman crawls through X-ray luggage scanner

Beijing: Eerie X-ray images of a Chinese woman crawling through a luggage scanner at a railway station to protect her hand bag has become the biggest hit in the social media ahead of Lunar Year celebrations on Thursday.
The woman, part of millions of Chinese travelling back to their homes to celebrate the week-long Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival set off a security scare at Dongguan railway station as she lunged into the X-ray scanner much to the horror of the officials.
The footage taken from a surveillance camera on Tuesday, the unidentified woman is seen approaching the security checkpoint and loading her luggage onto the scanners conveyor belt.
However, after being told that she must also scan her handbag, she climbed on the machine, Hong Kong based South China Morning Post reported. Despite the best efforts of the machines operators to deter the woman, she travelled through full length of the conveyor and emerged unscathed along with assorted items of baggage, at the far end.
The highlight of the footage is a sequence of orange-tinted X-ray images of the woman on all fours as she passed through the scanner, with her skeleton on view for all the world to see.
She was apparently concerned about leaving her handbag unattended in the scanner, so went in after it, the report said. Passengers behaving oddly at railway stations is nothing new in China, especially during the Lunar New Year period when tens of millions of people make their annual journeys home to spend the holiday.
You see new strange things every day, a person wrote on social media after seeing the Dongguan footage. While the woman did not appear to have suffered any ill effects from her scanner adventure, the city’s railway police were quick to warn passengers against repeating the trick. This is not the kind of joke that should be taken lightly,†they said.
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