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Texas sheriff: 2 dead, multiple shot in music video 'ambush'

Houston: Two people were shot and killed and multiple others were wounded when a group filming a music video was "ambushed" near Houston, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

After holding a media briefing in which he said two people were killed and four wounded, Gonzalez in a tweet revised the total number of gunshot victims in the Friday night shooting to eight.

It's unclear whether that total includes the deceased. He said some of the wounded were being treated for "very serious injuries."

The sheriff said the authorities received a call about a drive-by shooting around 9:30 pm.

Officers responded to what Gonzalez characterized as a residential neighborhood, where a group of males had been filming a music video in an office parking lot. The shooting scene stretched

several block, the sheriff further said, and it wasn't immediately clear what led to the shooting.

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