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Second survey shows Liz Truss ahead of Rishi Sunak in UK PM race

Second survey shows Liz Truss ahead of Rishi Sunak in UK PM race

London: A new survey of members of the governing Conservative Party shows Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is firmly ahead of rival Rishi Sunak in the race to replace Boris Johnson as the British Prime Minister.

The survey of Tory members who will be electing a new leader to take charge at 10 Downing Street from September 5 released on Wednesday night by the ConservativeHome website found that 58 per cent of those polled back Truss.

Former Chancellor Sunak was found to have the support of 26 per cent, while 12 per cent were undecided. It is the second poll from Wednesday showing the Cabinet minister widening her lead over the British Indian ex-minister, with an earlier YouGov poll showing Truss was ahead among all age groups, across different parts of the country and among men and


"YouGov gives her a 34 point lead which extends, on a forced choice, to a 38 point lead (69 per cent to 31 per cent).

Divide our 16 points of don't knows and others evenly between the candidates Truss has a 32 point lead (66 per cent to 34 per cent), the ConservativeHome

survey claims.

All in all, Sunak needs a massive game-changer to turn this contest round if our new findings and YouGov's are right. And it's very difficult to see where that could come from, it notes.

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