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Russia denies nuclear incident after contamination reports

Russia denies nuclear incident after contamination reports
Moscow: Russia on Tuesday denied there had been an incident at any of its nuclear facilities after the country's weather service reported radioactive pollution that exceeded background levels by 986 times.
A station close to the Mayak nuclear facility in the Chelyabinsk region detected "extremely high pollution" of the radioactive isotope Ru-106, Russian meteorologists said yesterday.
But a representative of Rosatom nuclear corporation told AFP "there have been no incidents at nuclear infrastructure facilities in Russia," adding that the concentration detected posed little threat.
The Mayak facility in the southern Urals, which is under Rosatom's umbrella, also said the contamination "has nothing to do with Mayak's activities".
The facility, which reprocesses nuclear fuel, said it has not produced Ru-106 for many years. And it said the level detected "poses no danger to human health and lives" as it is 20,000 times smaller than the "allowed annual dose."
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