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PIO student falls to death in US

New York: A promising 23-year-old Indian-American university medical student has plunged to his death while dangerously jumping between rooftops in Philadelphia, according to US media reports.

Vivek Subramani, a third year student at Drexel College of Medicine, was found dead on the 1200 block of Buttonwood Street on Saturday, police said. "There are no words to express the sense of loss when any young life is cut so short, and especially for someone with so much promise," president of the university John Fry was quoted as saying by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The varsity said in a statement that Subramani fell from a balcony and was with two friends, also medical students, at the time of his fall. However, the police's version of the death contradicted the university's explaination. According to police, Subramani's friends told them that they were jumping between the rooftops of their apartment building when the victim missed his mark and plummeted, hitting his head on the ground.

They also admitted that they had been drinking earlier that night. Later, when his friends found him with his face down and lying in a pool of blood, they performed Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation

(CPR). The victim was pronounced dead at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital a short time later, police


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