Downing Street fooled by Valentines Day prank

Downing Street fooled by  Valentines Day prank
British Prime Ministers office fell prey to a Valentines Day gag put up by a comedian claiming to offer flowers from US President Donald Trump to Theresa May, it emerged on Tuesday.

An unidentified female No 10 Downing Street aide revealed hydrangeas - a type of plant native to southern and eastern Asia and the Americas - were Mays favourite flowers after ringing serial trickster Heydon Prowse back on his mobile number.

During the six-minute exchange, the prankster claimed to be "Jeff Arnold", an assistant to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in the Oval Office, The Sun reported.

After being put through to the British prime ministers office, he asked what Mays favourite flowers were because they "want to send something really nice for Valentines Day".

The aide said shes not 100 per cent sure "off the top of her head" but said she will check and get back to him. She ringed him back a short while later asking: "Can I check who the gift is coming from?" The prankster replied: "Its essentially from Mr Trump but Sean Spicer is organising it."

She then responded: "Ah yes, I see, excellent, fantastic. Ok, my hunch is hydrangeas."The prankster exclaimed: "Hydrangeas, absolutely fabulous, ok", before the aide interrupted to reveal May is a "keen gardener".

"Well send over a lovely Valentines gift. Please pass Mr Trumps regards onto Theresa because really he is such a lovely man and he had such a lovely time with Theresa he just wants to pass than onto her, ok?"The aide then replied: "Of course I will certainly relay that message," before the call ended.

The pranksters said they couldnt believe Mays officials didnt realise even when they left a local UK mobile to call back on. Joe Wade, from the Dont Panic advertising agency behind the sting, said they were shocked aides fell for the joke."Donald Trump is a comical character. We just want to make people think about things in a slightly different way."


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