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New York shooting leaves two injured

New York shooting leaves two injured
New york: A woman has been shot in the stomach while parking her CitiBike in Manhattan before the gunman shot himself in an attempted murder-suicide.
Police were called to Astor Place in the East Village at about 7.50am on Wednesday to reports that two people had been shot.
The victim and gunman were known to each, according to NYPD officials.
Witnesses at the scene heard multiple gunshots.
The woman, who appeared to be pregnant, was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.
The gunman was also rushed to hospital and his condition is also believed to be serious. Both, who witnesses described as in their 40s, are currently in stable conditions in Bellevue hospital.
Multiple witnesses say they heard at least three gunshots before seeing the man and woman lying near each other on the ground with blood pooling around them.
'Definitely heard three clearly, the first one I heard right away,' one witness told 'I was standing in front of Kmart... I saw cops running and responding to the "pops".'
Dennis Santiago, 44, was on his way to work when he heard two gunshots.
'I came round the corner in my car, and I saw the third shot go right underneath,' he told the, miming putting a gun under his chin, and pulling the trigger.
'I was coming round the corner in my car when I heard the first two shots and four seconds later I saw the third.'
Santiagio said he hadn't heard any arguing before the gunshots.
He jumped out of his car and ran over to the scene.
'I put my foot on the gun, it seemed small, a 22. Calibre maybe,' he said.
'I put my foot on the gun so no-one would take it,' he added, saying he waited with his foot on the weapon until police arrived.
Nurul Zahangir, an MTA dispatch controller for the buses across the street, said he also heard three gunshots.
'I heard three 'pops'. We all started running. Lots of people started running towards the subway stop. When you hear a gunshot you run,' he said. '
When I walked over (the injured) were on the floor. I was very scared. I've never experienced anything like that before.' Edward Lopez, 27, was at his job at the New York Health and Raquete Club, opposite the shooting, when he heard the commotion outside. 'I walked around and saw two people lying there, and a little blood but cops were huddling round,' he said. 'It just sucks. You don't want to walk outside and have to fear for your life. It's crazy.'
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