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Missing headline!

Missing headline!

It's not every day a small local newspaper grabs the attention of Netizens around the world. England's Cambridge News has secured a place in history for its front page headline, sadly not for a great reason. A goof-up on their Wednesday's (December 6) edition left everyone on the Internet LOL-ing as the front page was printed without a headline… Well, sort off!

Instead of a relevant headline for its lead story, it contained the place-holding text of "100PT SPLASH HEADING HERE." Along with this blunder, the strap's place holding text was also unedited. "THIS IS A STRAP OVER TWO DECKS WITH A CROSS REFERENCE TO A PAGE HERE," read the second line. Luckily, two photographs on the page were captioned correctly. How those two were correctly printed left a large number of people on Twitter amused.
While most deemed it as an "epic fail" others thought it should be should be included in journalism courses in the future. Many even made fun of the place and couldn't stop cracking jokes. As the photos of the botched front page went viral, the media house issued a public apology.
"We would like to sincerely apologise for the technical problem that caused the main headline to not appear on the Cambridge edition, although the correct one was printed on the Cambourne News," they wrote on Twitter. However, by then the damage was done.

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