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Israeli troops enter Palestine town by mistake... flee attack

Jerusalem: Two Israeli soldiers narrowly escaped on Tuesday after they were attacked when they mistakenly drove into
a Palestinian town in the occupied West Bank, the army said.
"Earlier on Tuesday, an IDF (Israel Defence Forces)
vehicle accidentally entered Jenin, north of Jerusalem," the military wrote on Twitter.
"Rocks were hurled at the soldiers and the vehicle. One soldier was injured and transferred to a hospital for medical treatment." Jenin in the north of the West Bank is in a zone that falls under the civil and military control of the Palestinian authorities.
Israeli civilians do not have the right to enter the area and soldiers only go in on planned operations.
One of the soldiers who was injured in the face described it as an attempted "lynching" on Israeli television.
"We were surrounded by a crowd that attacked us," he
said. There have been repeated cases in recent years of Israeli soldiers blundering into Palestinian towns that usually end up with them getting rescued by police.
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