Indian man charged in UAE for assaulting compatriot woman

Indian man charged in UAE for assaulting compatriot woman

Dubai: A 22-year-old Indian man in the UAE has been charged with causing permanent injury by stomping on the face and abdomen of compatriot woman, causing her deformity and constant pain, according to a media report.

The incident happened on March 24 last year when the accused visited the 36-year-old victim's home and had a quarrel, the Khaleej Times reported on Wednesday. The victim said she had known the accused for some time as they studied and attended the same classes, the paper quoted her as saying during the trial in the Dubai Court of First Instance.

"He would sometimes come to my place to study together. At 8pm on the day of the incident, while he was at my place, we had a quarrel. He then assaulted me by punching me on the left cheek. After I fell down, he placed his foot on my neck and stomped on my face and abdomen," the paper reported.

Following the incident, the accused took the victim to the hospital promising that he would settle up Dh25,000 in hospital treatment costs.

However, the victim registered a complaint against the accused at Al-Qusais police station. A forensic report dated December 4 last year showed that when the victim was re-examined, her condition was not stable yet.

"Doctors recommended she be referred to an optician and other specialists to see whether her sight or hearing or any other senses had been affected by the injury," the report said.

Another forensic report dated March 20 this year revealed that the victim was left with a disfigurement because of fracture and was in constant pain. During the public prosecution investigation, the accused admitted to having assaulted the victim and injuring her.



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