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Indian fined Rs 87 lakh in UAE for 'email insult'

Indian fined Rs 87 lakh in UAE for email insult
Dubai: An Indian worker in the UAE has been slapped with a hefty fine of around Rs 87 lakhs for an offensive email to the country's transport authority claiming it rips off the poor after he flunked a driving test, media report said on Tuesday.
The 25-year-old Indian worker ridiculed the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) that they take 'poor people's money by making them intentionally fail in driving
tests and forcing them to repeat the tests', the Gulf News reported.
The Roads and Transport Authority had received from the worker an email that it deemed as insulting and disdaining, it said.
The RTA's concerned department took immediate legal action against him for sending that offencive and disparaging email and reported it to Dubai Police.
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