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China appoints new police chief in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: China has appointed a new police chief in Hong Kong in a further illustration of the central government's broad powers over the territory's institutions.

The new chief, Chris Tang Ping-keung, said rebutting fake accusations against police and reassuring the public about the force's mission would be among his priorities.

He said following a ceremony Tuesday morning: We have to maintain the law and order in Hong Kong and there is a massive scale of breaking of law in Hong Kong and there is a certain sector of the community that also condones those illegal activities.

Tang has been on the police force for more than 30 years and takes over from Lo Wai-chung, who is retiring after 35 years of service.

The Hong Kong government said Tang's appointment was made on the recommendation and nomination of Chief Executive Carrie Lam, but with the final approval of the State Council, or Cabinet, in Beijing.

That's similar to how Lam herself was put in office. The right to directly nominate and elect the chief executive is among the protesters' key demands.

Hong Kong enjoys a reputation as one of the world's safest cities and its police force was long hailed for its professionalism and incorruptibility.

However, the force's image has suffered badly during the months of unrest amid allegations of excessive violence, harassment of citizens and connections with organized crime.

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