Work started to excavate skeleton of whale that was washed ashore in 2012

Work started to excavate skeleton of whale  that was washed ashore in 2012
It may be recalled that the 45 feet long whale had died on December 10, 2012. It was caught in the net of fishermen at a distance of 40 nautical miles from the shore in Digha. The fishermen had brought the dead whale weighing around 18 tonne to the shore. But preservation of its skeleton was not possible at that point of time due to the lack of infrastructure and financial assistance. Thus, the whale was buried on the sea shore.

A few months ago a decision was taken to preserve the skeleton of the whale and the experts from the Zoological Survey of India initiated the task on Thursday excavate the skeleton of the whale which is of Baleen species.

A space has been created in the Digha Marine Aquarium to preserve the huge skeleton and according to the experts the task of preservation will be complete before the Puja in October.

An official of the Digha-Shankarpur Development Authority said that if everything goes as planned the skeleton of the whale will be kept in such a way that the visitors will recollect the scene of the movie Jurassic Park in which as huge skeleton of a dinosaur was the centre of attraction in a museum.

Moreover, the effort to complete the preservation work before the Puja because a large number people visit Digha during the Puja vacation and it will be a new gift for the tourists. Digha Marine Aquarium that came up in Digha was inaugurated in February.

Earlier, there used to be only different kinds of sea fishes in the aquarium. But now, tourists can also take a look of different types of  shells, snakes and sea horses in the museum.

It may be mentioned that to attract tourists, initiative was also taken to set up a Dolphin Park in Digha and it would be second of its kind after one in Singapore.

The place in New Digha where the park will come up has also been identified. Dolphins in the park will perform different games and dance at the tune of music. There are some places in the country 
for preservation of dolphins, but Digha will be the first place after Singapore where a world class dolphin park will come up.



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