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Words feminine

Words feminine
IGNCA Book Circle has organised a monthly event that will be held on the fourth Thursday of every month. In this month’s session, calling upon her years of work in women studies, Malashri Lal will present her perception of Rabindranath  Tagore's fascination with the 'feminine' in all its aspects.

The reading of the book Tagore and the Feminine: A Journey through Translations by Malashri Lal will be followed by academic dramatisation and singing by Averee Chaurey, a known theatre and film personality in the Capital.

Rabindranath Tagore negotiations were deeply problematic for himself and his times, and continue to perplex his readers today. Perhaps for that reason, one tends to return repeatedly to those teasing and unforgettable portrayals in his fiction and poetry, song and philosophy.

But readers have too long trusted Tagore's own rather simple ways of expressing his intuitively complex understanding of the feminine.

The book offers selections from Tagore's vast corpus with a perspective that seeks out references and allusions to highlight the debates on feminism and gender identity that remain implicit throughout his work, and are relevant today.

There are surprisingly candid poems on the body and sensuality, clever play with mythology, deep empathy with rural poverty and woman's deprivation, exploration of the woman-nation equivalence, challenges to patriarchy while there are also tributes to woman's familial role.

When: Feb 26
Time : 4 PM to 5 PM
Where: IGNCA Reference Library
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