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Women’s safety tops my priority list: Bedi

Women’s safety tops my priority list: Bedi
She fondly shares her vision of Delhi but fumes if you confront her with any question on friend-turned-rival Arvind Kejriwal. “He believes in tamasha (drama) but I don’t,” is the curt answer. Siddheshwar Shukla catches up with her to understand her plans for the city.

What will be your priorities, if you become Chief Minister?
Women’s security is my topmost priority. I am committed to making the city safer for women. Everywhere I go, teary-eyed girls and women say that they feel insecure in Delhi. They request me to take charge of the city. I assure the people of Delhi, I myself will take responsibility of  women’s security. I will supervise everything related to women’s security from regular meetings to coordination with police to precautionary measures etc.

How will you make Delhi safer for women?
I think, present women’s helpline 181 needs to be overhauled. I have heard that the employees there are not being paid for months, this affect their performance. Besides, an integrated approach is necessary between all stakeholders. It’s not a matter of data but a matter concerning life and dignity of women. I have also developed an integrated approach of 5S and 6P. The 5S are — Saaksher (skill), Swasth (healthy), Sakshum (capable), Surakshit (secure) and Sanskari (ethical) while six Ps stand for people (parents + principals), politicians, police, prosecution, prisons, press with government as hub.

What do you mean by ‘Sanskar’?
By ‘Sanskar,’ I mean character building and value-based education. It should be integrated into our education system to instill moral values in  the youth. But whenever you talk about ‘sanskar’ and value education, it is alleged to be ‘moral policing’ and pro-RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) policy.

How will you deal with the criticism?
Is respecting elders and women an RSS ideology? If I say don’t steal, is it RSS ideology? Is concern over sanitation being pro-RSS. There has been a systematic attempt over the years in instilling unnecessary fear of the RSS. These are the values parents want in their children, now it will be the responsibility of teachers to organise workshops and impart these values to students.

Aam Admi Party leaders have released cassettes in which they say ‘BJP says girls should not wear jeans, be at home but AAP promises security’. How do you react?
They are liars, they misguide people (laughs).

Illegal construction is also a major problem in Delhi. The unholy nexus of Delhi Police and MCD employees is quite known. How will you tackle this issue?
It’s a complex issue related to multiple government agencies and public participation. I will discuss it with various stake holders and finalise a strategy. If people show confidence in me they will also support me.

How will you proceed in regularisation of unauthorised colonies?
Fire safety issues need to be addressed and we will come up with a detailed policy in our political manifesto.

What about villages of Delhi? They are still devoid of basic facilities.
The assessment will be done at the village level in regard to which village needs what? I noticed that villages of Delhi situated in far-flung areas still lack schools. Besides providing more schools, I will start polytechnics in the same buildings in the second shift. They will impart vocational training and liaise with private companies for their placement. I will not waste even a single day and polytechnic schools will be started at the earliest. Banks will be encouraged to give loans, thus revolution will come in Delhi.

Parking and traffic are also big issues in the national Capital. What is your vision?
I will launch a unified ticket system for Delhi metro and buses. More parking sites and multi-level parking will be created.

What about power and water?
On power, the Central government is already working on a three way strategy — saving, generation and competition. The Central government has introduced LED lights to save electricity, it is focussing on more power generation so that we can purchase cheaper power and thirdly we will start competition among power discoms. We will give power to people at reasonable rates.

AAP is also accusing BJP of promoting religious re-conversion (ghar vapsi). What’s take on this?
It has nothing to do with development. It’s a personal choice of an individual if he wants to accept any other religion or return to his original one. However, there should be no element of coercion.

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