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Women’s journey since time memorial

Time has travelled such a great distance inscribing a detailed history of the previous millennia. Centuries have passed witnessing a lot of ups and downs in the lives of women. From being disdained in the medieval times to struggling for equal position in the changing times. Where have we reached so far in the social awakening in terms of gender equality? It has been more of advancement towards technology, modern amenities, and lifestyle rather than an outlook towards women as an equal participant in the society.

Women still remains trapped in the cobwebs of insecurity and brutality. There is a doubt to her safety whether she is at her own home or be it the workplace. Being physically vulnerable and fragile it has made her face a lot of tough situations and yet she takes it in a stride and has enough courage to face the challenges of it. She has enough confidence to accept life as it comes by adapting to her various roles and take life as it comes and live it up with zeal.

The struggle and the fight still remain on achieving an equivalent position to men since time memorial. She has strived really hard to get that position and resultant have also been successful in a lot of scenarios where she has stood at equal positions or even left the man much behind than her.
Society needs to understand the value of women. Laws should be made and executed to safeguard their rights and dignity. And there should be awareness spread in order to understand their equivalent role in all spheres of life. We need to go a long way in incorporating and respecting gender equality in the modern times and drape off the illusion of being called modern and still being an orthodox. Respect and stand up for women. No women…no life!!

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