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Women’s Bill dropped, Rahul clears five others for ordinance

Women’s Bill dropped, Rahul clears five others for ordinance
But the Congress vice-president has given his go-ahead to five anti-graft bills which will be cleared at a special cabinet meeting on Sunday as ordinance.  This unscheduled meeting has been called as prime minister Manmohan Singh is leaving for Myanmer.

These bills are: Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill 2010, Right of Citizen to Time Bound Delivery of Goods and Services and Redressal of their Grievance Bill 2011, Prevention of Bribery of Foreign Public Official and Officials of Public International Organisations Bill, 2011, Prevention of Corruption (Amended) Bill 2013 and Public Procurement Bill.

This is being done to give an impression ahead of the election about Rahul’s anti-corruption commitment.

Taking the ordinance route had reportedly not gone down well with Nationalist Congress Party  chief Sharad Pawar. Pawar had felt there was no need to take the ordinance route at the fag end of the government’s tenure.

He had, reportedly, said it should be left for the future government to decide on these bills. There were also speculations that even president Pranab Mukherjee could raise questions on similar grounds.

In fact, according to Congress sources, former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh had also raised strong reservation about the ordinance route as he claimed that during his entire stint of 10 years in his home state he had brought no ordinance. Rahul stopped him by saying that in the given political situation, the Congress stand on corruption has to be firm and clear and the party should not lose this historic opportunity.

The Congress vice-president after listening to all kinds of criticism made it clear that these five ordinances will create history and under no circumstances would AAP or BJP oppose them and even the new government will be in serious dilemma to allow these ordinances to lapse before converting them into full-fledged bills.
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