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Women more open to post-abortion contraceptive methods, says study

In a shocking revelation, it has come to notice that most of the women are open to use different contraceptives methods soon after experiencing their first abortion.

According to a study, which was conducted by Ipas Development Foundation (IDF), 81 per cent of women accepted modern contraception soon after abortion, while 53 per cent preferred short-term methods like oral contraceptive pills, condoms and injectables, 11 per cent women followed intrauterine devices and 16 per cent adopted sterilisation methods to control unwanted pregnancy.

“Women receiving induced abortions or post abortion care are at high risk of subsequent unintended pregnancy, and intervals of less than six months between abortion and subsequent pregnancy may be associated with adverse outcomes,” the findings of the study said, which was reported after surveying 2,92,508 women who received abortion care services from July 2011 through June 2014.

Commenting on the study, Sushanta Banerjee, senior adviser at IDF, said, “Post-abortion contraception is an integral component of comprehensive abortion care services. It needs to be seen as a part of the package of services for women seeking safe abortion services rather than a standalone intervention.”

The study finds that post-abortion contraceptive acceptance was highest among women who were more than 25 years of age, received first-trimester services, induced abortion and attended primary-level health facilities.

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