Women hail KVIC initiatives

Women hail KVIC initiatives
A group of muslim families from Chand Bagh area in northeast Delhi have found their way to happiness as they’re able to live a reasonable life with the help of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) and the beneficial initiatives from the Central government.

To appreciate the whole endeavour, the women of these families, who stitch napkins, have written letters to the Prime Minister expressing gratitude and enthusiasm about their regular income and are hopeful about the future. The families are extremely happy, as their women have landed a job under a tailoring programme launched by a non-Governmental organisation with funding from KVIC.

The women of large families which were earlier struggling to get regular income have now found a decent way of earning money. These women from poor economic backgrounds are stitching napkins for KVIC such that they get sufficient amount per day.

57 women, after getting training at KVIC Training Centre, have started working and earning more than Rs 200 per day by stitching napkins. Each woman, on an average, stitches 100 napkins per day. KVIC pays Rs 1.50 to Rs 2 per napkin depending upon the size of the napkin. It sells these napkins through its various sales outlets and supplies in bulk to various hotels and corporate houses as gift articles. This project was launched on March 15.

Vinai Saxena, chairman, KVIC initiated the project and is personally supervising it.

Thanking the Prime Minister profusely, Sultana, who is 12th passed, has urged him to hold such programmes across the country. 

"The economic situation of my family will now improve a lot. I want that my brothers and sisters in different parts of India also benefit".

Rizwana, in her letter, noted that by helping her to earn and contribute to the family’s kitty, the scheme assisted her to acquire an identity in the community.

Shahnaz from Shri Ram colony, is thankful and she, in her letter says that with initiatives like these, unemployment will disappear from the country.

Fatima is a happy woman as her economic condition has improved with the help of this initiative.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s popularity is increasing and these letters are praising him to the hilt.


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