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Women challenge men in Pakistan’s first female jirga

When 16-year-old Tahira was murdered in a horrific acid attack last year, her poverty-stricken parents got no justice. Pakistan officials slammed the door on their faces and the police refused to listen. The prime suspect — the girl’s abusive husband— lived in freedom until the case was taken up by Pakistan’s first female jirga, a community assembly set up to win justice for women in the face of immense discrimination.

Pakistan’s northwestern Swat valley has become synonymous with abysmal women’s rights. It was here that the Taliban shot schoolgirl activistMalala Yousafzai in the head last year.
When the Taliban controlled Swat valley from 2007-09, girls were barred from going to school, their classrooms were burnt and womenprevented from leaving the house without a male relative. 
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