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‘Women are treated badly in the industry’

She is the reigning queen of <g data-gr-id="27">Bollywood</g> but Kangana Ranaut is not ready to forget or forgive the way she was treated as a <g data-gr-id="22">struggler</g> and the actor says it is <g data-gr-id="71">high</g> time people changed their attitude towards women.

“When I was struggling people treated me so badly. What happens is a heroine is always dependent on the producer or the hero so no one thought what if someone becomes Kangana Ranaut and then she will never work with me as producer or actor. They should have some shame before they treat women badly. They assume ‘kya <g data-gr-id="24">karegi</g>’. She is just a girl,” Kangana told in an interview.
The star says she has <g data-gr-id="21">adapted</g> a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to dealing with what she calls ‘double-faced’ people.

“They have shown me the worst side that a human can ever see of another human. And these people have double faces. I see them how they would deal with men and how they dealt with me. They kept their worst side for me. Now these people have been tamed.” 

Kangana, who is currently starring in Katti Batti opposite Imran Khan, wants more women like her to emerge to stop this cycle. “My point is, today I am charging what I am charging because I hold some significance... If two three more women like that come then they will be scared of women,” she said. 
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