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Woman’s body found in sack beside Noida mall

A middle-aged woman’s dead body was found in a sack by the roadside near DLF Mall in Sector 18, Noida, on Wednesday morning at around 7 am. Her mouth was stuffed with clothes and her legs were tied with a rope. Police officials suspected that she died because of a severe head injury due to a blow on the head with a heavy object.

“The fatal incident came into light when a passer-by informed us that something suspicious is lying by the roadside packed in a sack of cloth. We rushed to the spot and found the dead body of a lady in it. The woman was around 30-years-old and was wearing a burkha. A piece of cloth was found thrust in her mouth,” said Dinesh Yadav, Additional Superintendent of Police, Noida.

“The body was found packed in a sack. The woman was wearing burkha and had mehendi on her hands. Two names were inscribed on the woman’s hand with, namely ‘Shaida’ and ‘Farooq’ which suspects that her name could be Shaida. There is an injury mark on the head which makes it pretty clear that it was a planned murder. There were also attempts to burn the body as there was a strong smell of petrol emanating from the body. Some part of her clothes and the face were also burnt,” said Yadav.

“It was a dense foggy morning on Wednesday. It seems like somebody has dumped the body here 2 or 3 hours before the incident was reported to us as no signs of brawl were found at the place. The body has not been identified by anyone and has been sent for autopsy. From injuries on the body it is clear that it is a case of murder,” Yadav further added.

A case was registered with Sector 20 police station and a team was constituted to investigate the matter and nab the criminals. The body was sent for post-mortem, reports of which are awaited.
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