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Woman kills daughter, hangs self

 M Post Bureau |  2016-04-12 00:55:12.0  |  Kolkata

Following an illicit love affair, a woman committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling after killing her 8-year-old daughter. Her boyfriend with whom she had developed a relationship also committed suicide by strangulating himself.

Police said that Hemlota Mondal got married to a person who was a resident of New Town. They had an 8-year-old girl. Few months ago Hemlata got into an extramarital affair with Chandan Bhattacharya who was from the Chaghariya area of Bongaon. The relationship was not accepted by the Hemlota’s family members. It was learnt that Hemlota secretly got married to Chandan few days ago. As Hemlota’s family members refused to accept the relationship, Hemlota took a drastic step and killed her daughter by poisoning her. Later, the woman and her boy friend Chandan committed suicide by hanging themselves from the ceiling. The incident triggered tension in the area. Police have started an investigation in the incident. They were also looking into whether if anybody instigated the woman to death. A probe has been initiated.

M Post Bureau

M Post Bureau

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