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Witness stands ground in front of CB sleuths

Witness stands ground in front of CB sleuths
On Friday, a team of Crime Branch reached the residence of Pauline, a native of Manipur, who is an eye-witness in the case of attack on constable Subhash Tomar, who died on 25 December.

She was questioned for about three hours at her aunt’s place at Gandhi Vihar near Vijay Nagar. ‘The officials asked me to narrate the whole incident in a sequence. Soon after I finished the narration, the investigating officials threw a set of questions at me. I answered them all one by one,’ Pauline told to Millennium Post.

‘I don’t care if I am being questioned a thousand times. I know that neither am I lying nor am I telling a fabricated story for someone’s benefit,’ she added.

‘On Sunday, I was one of the protesters and I do not belong to any of the NGOs or a team. I joined the protest, as I, being a girl, don’t feel safe in the capital. During the protest, I saw a policeman suddenly collapse. I ran towards him to pick him up, but till then, he had become unconscious. One Yogendra also joined me in helping the policeman, who was  later  identified as Subhash Tomar. At that time, I did not know Yogendra. But while we were waiting for the ambulance and PCR van to come, we interacted with each other.’

She added, ‘A day later, I saw him on television. He was giving his version of the incident, as we were the ones who witnessed Tomar falling on the ground. After Yogendra stood against Delhi Police’s version of Tomar’s death, I got encouraged myself to speak up and stand with Yogendra. So, I narrated the incident to several media persons, because of which the Crime Branch is now investigating the matter.’

Pauline further said, ‘I was surprised to see that a third eyewitness has emerged in the case as I did not see him at the site of the incident. I know the senior officials will definitely find the real truth behind Tomar’s death.’

Also, On Friday, Crime branch received Tomar’s post-mortem report. ‘The report shows that six injury marks have been noticed on his body. Also, his ribs were found broken,’ a source in Crime Branch said.
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