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With toddlers beside them, mothers wait in long queues

Seeing men and women queued up at banks to withdraw money is an usual sight these days. What’s unusual is with no one to take care of their kids, hapless mothers were 

seen carrying their toddlers to the banks and waiting in queues for long hours. 

A woman quickly walks with her 2.5-year-old child and lines up at a bank in Taimoor Nagar area near New Friends Colony. The toddler slips slowly from her arms with her pack of biscuits and sits on the pavement while her mother stands in a queue. This is a common sight these days where women are seen carrying their kids along to line up in queues.

“I have no one at home to take care of my kid. I can’t trust anyone these days. It isn’t safe, you know. Also, I don’t know how much time it will take to withdraw money so I carried my kid,” says Asha, who works as a flower seller in New friends Colony.

“The shopkeepers are either accepting the new currency or asking us to purchase eatables worth Rs 500. I have to change the currency and withdraw some cash to run the family. This is not the first time I am visiting the bank with my child,” she says. 

Shivani is a housewife and is carrying her 2.5-year-son to the bank for the third time. 

She says: “I am coming with my kid for the past three working days. This is the third time and I am still not sure if I will get the money. My husband is a driver and he can’t take leaves. I have no one to leave my son with. It’s also very insecured.”

“Only I know how I submitted the play school fees this time. It’s really annoying. I have spent hours standing here with my son. Now, even he has got accustomed to it,” she says. 

A woman alleges that though the policeman and guards stand outside the bank to manage crowds, even then they have seen people jumping numbers or entering the banks on pretext of some work and later coming out with the new currency. 
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