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With the 13th edition of the Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival gearing up, many new and exciting performances from India and across the world have been organised to mark the celebration.

From the modern and traditional forms or puppetry, ranging from rod to string puppets; to mixed performances with dance, theatre, music and more; audiences of all ages will be entertained with a variety of vibrant and spellbinding shows.

Produced by Teamwork Productions, the festival is an established platform which nurtures and promotes the mixed medium puppetry in India, and brings forth the best of Indian and international puppet theatre for the audience, expanding their cultural experience.

The festival brings puppeteers, artists and performers from around the globe together to celebrate storytelling through the puppetry arts. Alongside the best talent India has to offer, over a 100 international puppetry companies have participated in the festival; countries include the UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Israel, Iran, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Afghanistan, Ireland, Australia and USA.

This year the participating countries are - Iran, India, Portugal, Taiwan and UK. Educational puppeteer Carol Sterling will be doing workshops in education as part of the festival at various schools.

This lively, hands-on fun program will include: sharing of puppets made from inexpensive materials, and an opportunity to make an envelope puppet. The children will bring the puppet alive with music, movement and experimenting with different voices. They will develop a simple skit with a partner that focuses on spontaneous oral expression and problem solving.  They will also learn how to constructively critique a puppet skit.

The Fabulous Adventures of the Big Bad Wolf and the Red Riding Hood from Iran, Heer Ke Waris, Pinocchio- The Wood Boy, Prem Saarang from India, Etc..., Teatro Dom Roberto from Portugal, The Paper Play, The Adventure of Puppets from Taiwan, Small Fables from UK are the shows which are going to be performed at the festival.

February 3- 12 Where: Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Epicentre and Apparel House, Gurgaon

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