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With only a surname, cops identify rapists who impregnated minor

 Zafar Abbas |  2017-01-11 00:20:32.0  |  New Delhi

The Delhi Police cops found a minor girl who was in an unconscious state in Mayur Vihar area of East Delhi on December 29. 

Without wasting time, the men in uniform got the girl admitted to the closest government hospital Lal Bahardur Shastri. Meanwhile, during the treatment of the girl, the doctors discovered that the girl was in an advanced stage of pregnancy. 

Shocked, the doctors informed the police and cops understood that they have much more to uncover in the case.

The cops continuously visited the hospital so that the girl regains consciousness and tell them about the accused involved. The doctors took proper care of the girl and sensing the gravity of the incident, she given the best of treatment.

However, on January 3, that is after two days of admission of the girl, the minor girl gave birth to a baby. Both the minor girl and the baby were taken care of by the hospital staff.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police cops knew that they have to investigate a rape case. When the cops took the statement of the girl who was now in a position to talk, a big shocker was waiting for them. The girl in her statement told police that she was gang-raped by one boy and 3 of his friends.

The cops thought this was an easy case to work out. However, when they discovered that the girl only knew the ‘surname’ of the accused and could recognise him only by face, the cops knew that it would not be an easy investigation.

“It was a tough case. We had only a surname of the accused. Finding the accused with just the surname was quite difficult for us,” said DCP East Ombir Singh.

The following days were hectic for the cops. The investigating team visited the hospital almost daily and showed photographs of the boys as described by the girl with that surname. 

Efforts of the Delhi Police for days didn’t yield any substantial result as the girl kept saying ‘no’ to all photographs shown to her.

Some days later, two juveniles were apprehended by the cops in a different case. While interrogating, the cops found out that one of the juveniles in conflict with law had the same surname as mentioned by the minor girl.

Suspicious, the cops showed his photograph to the girl who then said ‘yes’ and the two juveniles were apprehended in this case.

The duo has been sent to the juvenile home. The minor girl has been sent to the child welfare home and the baby is with the nursery ward of the hospital.

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