Willpower matters love cures

Willpower matters  love cures
Cansurvive, a literary adaptation of the book ‘CANSURvive: Subah Ka Pata’ written by Asif Ali which deals with the life of cancer patients, their struggles and thereby creating awareness on the disease.

Seasoned director and former National School of Drama (NSD)alumna , Vandana Vashisht, beautifully depicts how cancer survivors grapple with the disease and their inner turmoil.  

 Rajni and Kamal, the two main protagonists both potray cancer survivors and play revolves around how they finally conquer the dreaded disease.

Both the pivotal characters are a study in contrast. While, Rajni is full of life, chirpy and optimistic refusing  to give in, Kamal on the other hand is brooding and gripped in melancholy and always mourning. 

Showing two sides of the coin, the play provides insight on how the presence of a support system helps a cancer patient win the battle for life.

Rajni has her doting husband supporting her on every step of her fight whereas Kamal is ploughing a lonely furrow.

The director succeeded in showing how the desire to live can defeat death itself. Vashisht shows how affection from loved ones can alleviate one’s suffering. Some humour was also weaved in which provided much needed break to the audience. 

The lighting was very well taken care off and was in sync with the theme.The cast included the likes of Sonal Jha ( Balika Vadhu), Bhupesh Kumar Pandya (who  featured in Vicky donor), Sajida and Vivek (NSD alumni). All the actors did full justice to their characters.

The music was given by eminent music director Kajal Ghosh. The contemporary dance to express the emotions of the patients during their treatment added glint to the play. From hand movements to expressions, the choreography too was graceful.

The play concluded on the note that apart from one’s willpower, love from family can prove to be a catalyst in recuperation.

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