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Will strive to make scientific research easier: Modi

Calling for greater scientific cooperation between the state and central institutions, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that his government would strive to make scientific activities and research easier in the country.

The Prime Minister also asked the scientist community to follow five ‘E’s –economy, environment, energy, empathy, equity – for the betterment of innovation in the sector.

“The impact of science will be the most when scientists and technologists will keep the principles of what I call Five Es at the centre of their enquiry and engineering,” Modi told eminent scientists, Nobel laureates and hundreds of students from across the country at the inauguration of the 103rd Indian Science Congress in Mysore.

Speaking on the occasion, Modi said the government would increase the level of resources for science and deploy them in accordance with strategic priorities. “We will make it easier to do science and research in India...I am encouraging greater scientific collaboration between the central and state institutions and agencies... We will try to increase the level of resources for science and deploy them in accordance with our strategic priorities,” the PM said, adding that the government would launch Start-Up India programme to encourage innovation and enterprise.

Highlighting the impact of the Digital India campaign, Modi said, “Our digital networks are expanding the quality and reach of public services and social benefits for the poor. For me, good governance is not just about policy and decision-making, transparency and accountability. As we increase the level of our ambition for our people, we will also have to increase the scale of our efforts.”

“Innovation must not be just the goal of our science. Innovation must also drive the scientific process...And we are once again turning towards scientists and innovators to realize our goals of human welfare and economic development,” he added.

Emphasising that innovation is the key for combating climate change, the Prime Minister said that clean energy technology must be made available to all. “Innovation is important not just for combating climate change, but also for climate justice. We need research and innovation to make clean energy technology available, accessible and affordable for all,” he said.

“We have to develop climate resilient agriculture. We must understand impact of climate change on our bio-diversity, oceans and glaciers. We need innovation to make renewable energy much cheaper, more reliable and easier to connect to transmission grids,” he added.
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